What Size UV Sterilizer Do I Need? (Utimate Guide 2021)

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For many years, UV Sterilizers have been used to sterilize and disinfect different systems to kill bacteria and algae in the water. They use a germicidal fluorescent lamp that emits light that irradiates, kills, and prevents micro-organisms’ growth. UV sterilizers are renowned for sterilizing counters, sheets, and stinking shoes. Hence, it is evident that UV sterilizers are essential in our daily lives because of their vast benefits.

The question is, what size UV sterilizer do I need? This will depend on many factors. What are you using the UV sterilizer for? This is what will determine the size of UV sterilizer to opt for. UV sterilization is not a new technology and is quite useful in sterilizing up to 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Why Do I Need a UV Sterilizer?

It would be best to have a UV sterilizer because it uses ultraviolet technology to eliminate bacteria and other harmful organisms. UV sterilizers are known to be extremely effective compared to traditional cleaning and disinfection methods. Using UV sterilization ensures that your water treatment is taken care of and also cleans general surfaces.


The versatility of UV sterilization makes it convenient for airstreams, liquids, and different industries. Ultraviolet sterilization is quite essential for its various important cleaning roles. You can also use it as an infection control strategy for different situations. The efficiency of UV sterilizers makes them a must-have.

What Size UV Sterilizer Do I Need?

Getting the right size of UV sterilizer depends on various things. UV Sterilizers are also designed in multiple sizes so that you can choose what works for you best. Let us get into the UV sterilizer size you need to understand what will determine the size of the UV sterilizer you need.

Level of disinfection:

The level of disinfection will determine the size of the UV sterilizer. The higher the level of disinfection, the larger size of UV sterilizer will be required.


If you are using a UV sterilizer for the aquarist, the size should range from 8 watts to 240 watts. However, if the aquarist is more substantial, then you have to go for higher wattages. What proportion of UV sterilizer to go with will largely depend on the size of the aquarium you are using.

Water volume:

In determining the size of the UV sterilizer, you need, check on the water volume. Generally, 75 gallons of water volume calls for 10 watts for saltwater. If the water volume is for a pond, then 10 watts will work for 1000 gallons.

Flow rate:

The flow rate of water, as well as the dwell time, will help in determining the UV sterilizer you require. A 30-watt UV sterilizer will work quite well for an average-sized house though other house factors will affect the UV sterilizer size.

Type of organism:

The type of organism you want to use UV radiation on will determine the UV sterilizer size. If you’re going to kill large organisms, go for a UV sterilizer with high wattage. Micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses need normal size UV sterilizer.

Benefits Of Uv Sterilizer

Sterilization and disinfection are significant factors that UV sterilizers deliver in homes as well as many different industries. UV sterilizers are compelling, and their advanced technology makes them stand out in their efficiency. It is crucial to invest in UV sterilizers due to the array of benefits you will receive from them.

The benefits of UV sterilizers are:

  • UV sterilizer eliminates the spread of micro-organisms, thus controlling the spread of infections. It also kills harmful organisms effectively than any other method.
  • It is convenient to use a UV sterilizer, and the best part is no chemicals are needed. This means no chemical residue will be left behind.
  • UV sterilizers can be used to disinfect water, removing impurities.
  • It can be used to clean work surfaces effectively within no time.
  • UV sterilization is an affordable sanitization method that means it is not costly; hence anyone can invest in this fantastic UV light disinfection technology.
  • UV sterilizers are an effective method of disinfection. Its dry process makes it possible to get rid of your existing mold while also hindering fungi’ growth in the future.
  • A UV sterilizer saves you money due to the savings you will incur after using UV sterilizers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you run a UV sterilizer?

This will depend on the bulb of a UV sterilizer. You can run a UV sterilizer for 12 months tops.

Does a UV sterilizer kill beneficial bacteria?

A UV sterilizer cannot kill beneficial bacteria; it only kills harmful bacteria that are known to cause damage.

Do UV sterilizers kill Ich?

UV sterilizers are designed to eliminate infections brought about by micro-organisms, the reason why they can kill Ich.

Final Thought

A UV sterilizer is an effective way of getting rid of bacteria and fungi that are quite headaches.  UV sterilizers can also be used for the disinfection of either surfaces or equipment. What makes UV sterilizers the best is that they are eco-friendly, meaning they do not harm the environment. The need for UV sterilizers cannot be bypassed because they bring a lot of good than bad.

If you are wondering what size UV sterilizer do I need, it will depend on many factors. Most importantly, your water flow rate is of the utmost importance in determining the proper size of the UV sterilizer. Bearing this factor in mind will help you understand the UV sterilizer you need, which will work for you best. The bottom line is the size UV sterilizer you need is not difficult to come by; you can get the right size that suits you best.

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