Sonicare Uv Sanitizer Does It Work 2021

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The popularity of Sonicare UV sanitizers has increased in a couple of years. They have a specially designed bulb that uses UV light to kill all forms of germs on home products. But then, Sonicare UV sanitizer does it work?

As per the manufacturer, there is no need of getting different germ-killing devices from the market. The Sonicare UV sanitizers work effectively, and it lenders 100 percent outcome to users. This post will get a more in-depth understanding of whether these UV sanitizers work and how to use them.

Sonicare UV Sanitizer Does it Work?

For a couple of years, researchers have resorted to using UV light to carry out various tasks. Among the uses of UV light includes purification of water, killing mold and fungus. Several manufacturers have also resorted to manufacturer UV sanitizers to use to kill germs from surfaces at large. Among the popular UV sanitizers, you will get in the market is the Sonicare model. But the question is, Sonicare UV sanitizers does it work?


Yes, they are the best UV sanitizers you can get to kill germs. They have specially designed UV bulbs that provide a specified range of UVC wavelengths. It suspends all forms of germs. They do this duty perfectly without causing any injury at all. Distant UVC light cannot penetrate through even in the human eyes and skin’s external layers. But because infections and other microorganisms are minute, they are easily eliminated by, even the distant UVC.

The UV light spectrum consists of three sorts of lights. They include UVA, B, and C. Among the three of these, UVC is the most effective form of light that can kill germs. This light has short wavelengths with powerful strength to kill all germs and other bacteria at large.

UVC has a high-efficiency level, which not only destroys but can also conflict with any nucleic acid of microorganisms and other bacteria. It is powerful that it can even interrupt the protein part of bacteria.

The UVC light penetrates through surfaces superficially. However, it cannot pass through hard-to-reach points like in the phones and switches alike. Therefore, if the germs are enclosed in a hard-to-reach point, the UV sanitizer might not find it. Before we look at how to use the Sonicare UV sanitizer, it is important to provide an idea. Why most people have resorted to these UV sanitizers.

The best part of this unit is that it can kill germs of various gadgets without damaging it. It just flashes UVC light on your product’s surface to clean, eliminate germs on it and leave it in its original state.

Moreover, it kills germs on surfaces of a wide range of products at large. This includes things like toothbrushes, keyboards, mobile phones, Push-button controls, cups, and many other things. They are proven to work effectively to eliminate germs over a short period.

How Do I Use Sonicare UV Sanitizer?

The Sonicare UV sanitizers employ the UVC light technology to perform its function. They are effective treatment devices for eliminating all bulky germs and bacteria in different products in our homes.

All you need to do is place the product you want to be sanitized and turn it on. The product is sanitized or rather cleaned with flushes of UVC rays passing on it. It takes about ten minutes for the UV sanitizer to kill germs from the product.

How Do I Use Sonicare UV Sanitizer

But then, how do the Sonicare UV sanitizers make it to optimize the sanitizing process? This device has a reflector that ensures there is an equal distribution of UVC on the product. The distribution is maintained at 360 degrees for the optimum killing of germs. You will stay assured that the entire product is sanitized.

Above, we have clearly shown how the Sonicare UV sanitizer works at large. We can’t conclude the project without providing an idea of how you can use these devices step by step. Here is a guide that will help you correctly use the Sonicare UV sanitizer to get the best results from it.

  • First, you will open the door of your Sonicare UV sanitizer.
  • UV sanitizers have trays that you will pull out to place the product to sanitize
  • There are different holders where you will select the most appropriate option of the product you plan to sanitize.
  • Now, attach the product to the UV sanitizer. You will snap both ends of the product in place.
  • Once you have done what is required, return the drip tray to its respective position.
  • Close the door of your UV sanitizer since it won’t work if the door isn’t closed.
  • Lastly, switch the power button on, and the sanitization process will start immediately.

Ensure the section of the product you are sanitizing faces the UVC light. The UV sanitizer will learn for just ten minutes, and everything shall be complete. Besides using these devices, you need to clean them regularly to serve effective services for a long time.

Most people think that these devices only clean toothbrush heads. However, there are several other home products they can clean. For instance, there are specially designed Sonicare UV sanitizers that can clean mobile phones.

Our phones, for instance, accumulate dirt on their surfaces. They harbor several kinds of germs over a period, and therefore there is a need to clean them alike. Wiping them with a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol and water might not be appropriate as such. The Sonicare UV sanitizers are great devices to help you eliminate all germs on the surfaces without damaging the product at all. You will have effective results from your UV sanitizer so long as you use it routinely and correctly.

Bottom Line

Sonicare UV sanitizer does it work? These are great devices for killing germs on surfaces of several devices. They work perfectly without damaging the device. However, you need to maintain your Sonicare UV sanitizer to work for an extended period effectively

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