Is UV Light Safe for Humans? – UV Light and Health Effects

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We use UV light in different ways like sterilizing medical equipment, source of vitamin D, disinfection, astronomy, and lighting. It is also effective in improving the air quality at home, among other uses. With all these benefits, is UV light safe for humans? This is a very critical question. UV light can be harmful to humans if you don’t use it the right way.

Direct exposure to UV light has not only adverse effects on humans but also materials. In human beings, overexposure to UV light can cause skin and eye damages. In materials, it can lead to rubber erosion in plastics and rubber. To help you get a better understanding of the effects of UV light, read on.

Is Uv Light Safe for Humans?

Is UV light safe for humans? Yes, UV light can be harmful to humans in various ways. Exposing yourself to either sun’s UV rays or from critical sources can bring about sunburn. Additionally, too much UV rays exposure can cause premature skin aging and other damage signs like liver spots, wrinkles, solar elastosis, and leathery skin. 

Is Uv Light Safe for Humans

Basically, UV radiation is available in 3 different types. These include ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, and ultraviolet C. Among these three types of UV radiation, ultraviolet C is the most harmful to humans. It has higher energy and hence dangerous. It can cause hostile side effects that can be carcinogenic or mutagenic. 

Other harmful effects of UV light on human include the following:

Skin Cancer:

According to NASA, 90 % of the skin carcinomas result from UV-B exposure. Overexposing yourself to the sun’s UV rays can cause three different types of cancers, which include:

Malignant melanoma- the most dangerous type of cancer.

Basal cell carcinoma- result from continuously exposing the hands, neck, and skin to the sun. 

Squamous cell carcinoma

Effects to The Eyes:

Your eyes are sensitive to UV radiation because the cornea can absorb high amounts of UV light. As a result, you will get temporarily clouding in the cornea (snow-blindness). Chronic effects can lead to macular degeneration and corneal damage.  

Immune System:

Exposure to UV rays has negative effects on your immune system. UV radiation weakens your immunity in your skin and the entire body. Therefore, you will suffer from immunosuppression.

What Happens if You Touch a UV Light?

Touching UV light is not recommended because it can cause some serious problems. The ultraviolet wavelengths can affect the DNA in the cells. This can result in mutations that result in serious cancers.

What Happens if You Touch a UV Light?

When you expose your skin to sunlight, melanocytes do a great job covering the cells with melanin. This is similar to how a sun hat works to block UV rays.  UV light exposure on your skin can also lead to sunburn that results from inflammatory reactions. 

Benefits of UV Light

Apart from the harmful effects, UV light comes with many benefits for both humans and plants. Here are the benefits of UV light.

Source of Vitamin D:

It is a great source of vitamin D. This is the main reason why many people love the sun during summer. When outdoors, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV light.

Killing Bacteria:

This is another major application of UV light. Many studies have proved the success of UV light in killing bacteria and mold. The light is used in hospitals and commercial HVAC systems. Other studies show the effectiveness of UV light in lowering the fungal levels.

Treating Skin Conditions:

Some skin conditions need UV radiation for treatment. These conditions include rickets, eczema, jaundice, dermatitis and psoriasis, and much more.


Patients suffering from high blood pressure or vitamin D deficiency can benefit from UV light. UVB exposure lowers blood pressure. Other medical studies and trials indicate that UV radiation has many health benefits.

Increases Melanin:

Exposing yourself to UV can boost your melanin. Melanin works well to absorb UVB and UVA and then dissipates them as heat. As a result, your skin will not suffer from DNA damages.


Vitamin D promotes serotonin production, which is produced based on the body’s exposure to UV light. The levels of Serotonin in your body affect your behavior and mood. It is also believed that serotonin gives people happiness and serenity. 

Disinfection and Sterilization:

UV light is used to disinfect and sterilize tools and surfaces in many biologies and medical labs. There are many benefits of UV light, like treating wastewater and sterilizing products in spring water bottlers. On top of that, the food processing industry uses UVC radiation to kill microorganisms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you have some pressing questions that you would like to know concerning UV light safety. Here are the top questions that people ask. 

Do You Need Special Training to Use UV Lighting?

You need the right training and equipment to use UV light. If you buy the required special equipment, you will find instructions on using it perfectly and safely.

Is It Dangerous to Look at UV Light?

Exposing your eyes to direct UV can cause eye sunburn. This is a painful condition, and in the worst cases, you can temporarily lose your vision. 

How Long Can You Be Exposed to UV Light?

Exposing yourself for more than 60 minutes in UV radiation can cause sunburn. If you don’t want to experience sunburns, don’t spend more than 60 minutes exposed to the UV radiation.

Final Verdict

Is UV light safe for humans? I believe you understand the effects of UV light. There are so many uses and positive effects of UV light. However, if you don’t use it correctly, you might experience side effects. 

We have given everything about UV light safety. I hope you now understand its uses, benefits, and possible problems associated with UV light. Avoiding exposing yourself to too much UV radiation to avoid eye and skin problems, among other harmful effects.

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