How To Use A Uv Sterilizer? (Easy Step By Step 2021)

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Keeping your home germ free entails the use of a UV sterilizer. UV sterilization is known to be extremely useful in eradicating harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms. The advantages of UV sterilizers vary depending on what the sterilizers are being used for and the surroundings’ requirements. The market is flooded with various UV sterilizers that are worth trying because of their effectiveness and efficiency.

Now the question that lingers in people’s minds is how to use a UV sterilizer? This depends on what the UV sterilizer is being used for because there are many applications that a sterilizer can be used. Therefore, it is essential to understand the purpose of the UV sterilizer to comprehend how to use it. The bottom line is using a UV sterilizer will enable you to maintain proper hygiene and enjoy a germ-free environment.

How Does A UV Sterilizer Work?

A UV sterilizer uses a high-intensity UV lamp that works efficiently, doing away with micro-organisms. This way, it is capable of eradicating micro-organisms and pathogens that cause immense damage. So far, UV sterilization is the most effective sterilization and sanitation method that is quite efficient. When it comes to water-borne micro-organisms, the UV lamp kills them by varying their cell structure.


Once the UV lamp hits microbes, the bond that holds together the DNA is altered by the light. This means bacteria and other micro-organisms are unable to multiply hence cannot cause any more damage. The ultimate UV sterilizer light will kill bacteria instantly due to the higher wavelength produced. UV light is what kills germs in a process known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

Is UV Sterilizer Safe?

The constant battle against harmful bacteria and fungus that cause the spread of diseases has led to UV sterilizers’ innovation. But the question remains, is UV sterilizer safe? Scientifically, UV sterilizers are safe for human beings but destroy pathogenic microbes. Human tissue cannot be harmed by UV light if adequately used.

UV radiation from sterilizers can, however, can harm the skin as well as the eyes depending on the range of electromagnetic radiation spectrum applied. Higher frequency radiation is not safe because of the high amount of energy per photon produced. You should not expose yourself to direct UVC light for it is not safe; that is why it should be avoided. This is because it can cause permanent damage to the skin and the eye too.

How To Use A UV Sterilizer?

A UV sterilizer works by doing away with harmful micro-organisms that range from fungi to bacteria and protozoa and algae. UV sterilizers also work as disinfection methods used in water purification and other sterilization purposes. The best part about a UV sterilizer is it is a safe method to use and works efficiently, delivering ultimate results.

Let us look at the step by step guide of how to use a UV sterilizer.

Step 1: Install. If you plan to sterilize an aquarium, you need to install the UV sterilizer inside the aquarium. Other UV sterilizers are installed outside, depending on what you are using it for.

Step 2: Connect the UV sterilizer to a power supply. Ensure that your source of power is reliable so that once the process begins, it is not cut short.

Step 3: Plug and play your UV sterilizer. Ensure that the connection is made right for the best results.

Step 4: Make use of the internal filters for UV sterilizers installed in water. If installing outside water, use external filters without fail.

Step 5: Ensure that the sterilizer bulb is in place and tighten all fittings. This is to ensure that once the sterilization process commences, the bulb works effectively.

Step 6: Set the UV light to produce at a range of 104 to 110 degrees F for best results. That is why you must be keen to not set below the given degrees because that can hinder its efficiency.

Step 7: Set the timer according to the manual instruction guide. It is essential to read the user manual guide before beginning this process for the best results at all times.

Step 8: Once the process is done, turn off your UV sterilizer and give it a few minutes to ensure total completion.

That is how you make use of a UV sterilizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you run a UV sterilizer?

This will depend on what is being sterilized and disinfected. Most of the time, the period a UV sterilizer will run is usually indicated on the user manual.

Should I use a UV sterilizer in aquarium?

A UV sterilizer should be used in an aquarium to save fish from bacteria, and other parasites. Using a UV sterilizer in an aquarium ensures that the spread of diseases is prevented hence saving fish.

Is UV sterilizer better than steam?

UV Sterilizers cannot be compared to steam because they are highly efficient and delivers the best results. A UV sterilizer is far better than steam, and not only that, it is safer too.

Final Thought

The need for using UV sterilizers keeps on increasing every waking day. This is because UV sterilizers have arguably surpassed efficiency, hence delivering remarkable results after every use. Any contaminated situation can be made right using UV sterilizers because they are convenient to use and operate.

A UV sterilizer is highly recommended for many applications, though the question always arises on how to use a UV sterilizer. This happens through the use of a germicidal lamp generating ultraviolet radiation that kills micro-organisms. Using a UV sterilizer eliminates bacteria’s growth, creating a clean, friendly environment that you desire. A UV sterilizer can come in quite handy if you want to be free of harmful micro-organisms.

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