How to Change Uv Sterilizer Bulb 2021

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UV sterilizers are essential assets for the effective disinfection of microbes, viruses, bacteria, and other common contaminants. There is a need to maintain everything always healthy at all times for use. For this reason, there is a need to invest in UV sterilizers to help us in such a project. The UV sterilizer bulb is responsible for creating UV light artificially to sterilize objects. For effective functioning of them, there is a need to replace them after a certain period.

So, when should you change them? After you have an idea about this, do you know how to change UV sterilizer bulb? In my writing today, you will get a blueprint about the right time to replace these bulbs and how to do it. Keep in touch to understand these matters better.

When Should I Change My UV Sterilizer Bulb?

Most people lack an idea of how the UV water treatment system works. If you are in the list of such people, you are lucky since you will understand how everything works out. The UV sterilizer bulbs use special wavelengths of UVC to kill all contaminants. The rays are absorbed by all contaminants in the water, thereby altering their DNA and cell structure. The rays are powerful to effectively inactivate microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium, E.coli, and many other existing microbes.

When Should I Change My UV Sterilizer Bulb

But then, the effectiveness of the project at hand is championed by the UV sterilizer bulb. This is what creates artificial UV rays that are useful to make all micro organisms inactive. There is a need to replace the UV sterilizer bulb to ensure effective results are achieved. Before we get an idea of the time interval to change these bulbs, let’s learn about the need to change them.

There is a need for different UV-C energy amounts to make all organisms and bugs inactive. Required amount for this can be referred to as the dose. Effective results are only obtained when the correct dosage is used. The required amount is obtained by multiplying the total exposure time and the intensity of the buly  at that time.

The flow rate is also an important aspect here. This factor accounts for the exposure time. The intensity of light is accounted for by the quality and design of your UV sterilizer bulb. However, calculations are things of the past, and we are in a technological era. Today, manufacturers have designed these systems to offer doses of 30m J/cm2. This is more than enough to ensure all microorganisms are destroyed or made inactive.

But then, how long does this dose guarantee significant results? This amount assures users 9000 hours of effectiveness; this is about a year. This is when you are supposed to think about replacing the bulb with a new one. The reason for this is that the UVC intensity that destroys contaminants degrades with time. After this period, the bulb will continue working, but it won’t offer you any results. The power of the UVC wavelengths would be at this time diminished. It won’t at all have any effect on the contaminants available.

Manufacturers have resorted to designing UV systems with audible alarms to alert people when they should change the UV sterilizer bulbs. Other service providers will also carry out regular inspections to keep you alert at all times.

Therefore, we can wrap up this project by stating that the UV sterilizer lamps need replacement after a year. You can likewise do that twice a year if you deem it for effective results. At this period, the bulb will still shine but what matters here is the UV intensity. After a year, they will produce insufficient UV intensity that won’t provide good results.

How to Change UV Sterilizer Bulb?

Do you understand how to change UV sterilizer bulb? Changing a UV sterilizer bulb is a simple project as such. Since this is a project you will undertake every year. So you need to grasp the steps that will get you through successfully. Let’s get into the real thing in the process of changing a UV sterilizer bulb step by step.

How to Change UV Sterilizer Bulb

Turning off Your Unit:

First, always ensure you disconnect your unit from the power source before working on it. It is good to unplug everything from the power source in the wall rather than switching it off.

Taking the Old Lamp Out:

Ensure you have separated the power supply device to the bulb from the UV chamber before continuing. Once disconnected, the bulb will slide out easily.

Fixing the New Bulb:

After space is left for a new device, hold it gently and place it in the respective space left by the old bulb. You can double-check both the two bulbs before you fix the new one.

In case you used a UV sterilizer with a countdown timer, this is the time you will reset the next replacement alert time. You will turn it on, and it starts working immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get an idea of what most people ask about the UV sterilizer bulbs. Grasp the information to ensure you get effective results from them.

Can You Touch a UV Bulb?

No, this is not a recommendable thing since exposure to UV light causes skin burns. Besides, a touch of the bulb by fingers can damage it. The damage results from the oils and salts that come from the skin.

How Long Does a UV Sterilizer Bulb Last?

A UV bulb lasts for 9000 hours to provide effective results. This is one year after which you need to replace it with a new one.

Do Hospitals Use UV Light to Sterilize?

Yes, hospitals use UV light as a standard disinfection regimen at large. It helps to cut off all forms of pathogens present in their medical equipment and tools.

Final Word

Have you grasped the blueprint about how to change UV sterilizer bulb? If yes, there is a need for you to keep in mind that different UV sterilizer bulbs have different configuration processes. Others have countdown timers to alert you of the right time to replace them. Ensure you do all the settings before you turn them on to function. Above all, always ensure you take the opportunity to replace the O-rings during the replacement period.

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