Foamatic Review 2021: Automatic Hand Washing And Soap Dispense

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The truth is, I don’t need any excuse to maintain my hygiene. Especially when it comes to maintaining the hygiene of my hand. This body part is the most important and usable part that is used everywhere. And to clean my hand I always use sanitizing products. Recently I used a device called Foamatic and here is my Foamatic Review.

I learned that this is an automated soap dispenser that works effectively. I just need to put my hand under the dispenser. And the foam or the soap will automatically come out of the dispenser. This device uses an infrared sensor so that I don’t have to press the hand-washer. In this review article, I will explain how this automated device Foamatic works to keep me germ and bacteria-free.

What is Foamatic– Automatic Soap Dispenser?

Foamatic is an automated dispenser that helps to deliver soap or foam from the device. This dispenser uses an infrared sensor on the device. So when my hand comes closer to the device, this sensor activates and delivers soap. To stop spreading germs or bacteria, it is the best device as far as I know.

What is Foamatic– Automatic Soap Dispenser

The device uses 4AAA batteries so that I don’t have to connect with any electric plug. I can easily move it here and there. The frothing system helps to prevent direct contact with the device. This way I can only use the foam or the soap from the device.

No need to press the same place that I used to do in the previous handwash device. Another thing about this dispenser is, it has a larger capacity to hold the liquid soap. This dispenser’s maximum capacity is 350ml, which is huge.

What is Foamatic– Automatic Soap Dispenser -1

This is a device that runs through the battery power, but I am astonished when I see there is no noise while using it. Besides, I can use different kinds of liquid in this device. So, this dispenser is such a blessing for me as I can keep myself away from spreading germs or bacteria.

What Are the Features of This Device?

The Foamatic device is a well-known sensor device hand-washer that keeps the germs away. In the Foamatic Review I listed some features. Here I submitted some major features.

What Are the Features of This Device

  • The device has a built-in sensor mode to pour the liquid soap in hand.
  • An immediate frothing system helps to wash hands without being touched.
  • This is a noise-free gadget that pivots almost 50000 times and the maximum speed is 7000rpm.
  • It uses 4AAA batteries that provide nonstop 6 months of service. Also, the sleep mode of this device extends the device’s longevity.
  • Foamatic device is capable of holding almost 350 ml of liquid soap that is huge.
  • I find that this device uses a quality circuit board and it is water-resistant so there is no chance of circuit failure.
  • It is a quick response device that works within 0.25 seconds and the range around the device is 70mm.
  • For complete wash, the Foamatic device takes 12 seconds and not an over-responsive device.

Why Will Be an Automatic Hand Wash an Exception?

I used to clean my hand with raw soap with other family members. There was a huge risk of spreading germs. Then comes the regular hand wash dispenser. Where I need to refill the pot with liquid soap, after a certain period of time. This whole process was such a hassle.

Why Will Be an Automatic Hand Wash an Exception

Now I can completely rely on the Foamatic soap dispenser for its automatic sensor function. I just need to activate the device by putting the battery in place. The rest of the work will be done by the built-in sensor. This way is far better than the traditional one.

No need to reuse the same soap or press the same place to pour the liquid. Besides, I can easily get rid of germ and the device will automatically stop pouring the liquid when my hands are not under the place. Those make the device exceptional from other soap dispensers.

How to Use Foamatic Automatic Handwashing?

To maintain a sanitized life and keep my hand germ free, Foamatic is a great solution for me. Foamatic use is very easy. You just need to keep your hand under the sensor and the device will deliver a small amount of foam from the dispenser. Still, I am describing the full process of using the FOAMatic soap dispenser.

How to Use Foamatic Automatic Handwashing

  • First, place the AA battery in the battery section.
  • Choose the liquid and mix it with the water. Then keep it on the water tank.
  • You will find a button that indicates white light, press it.
  • Put your hand under the dispenser.
  • Now when the device feels the hand through the sensor, it will automatically pour a dip of soap on the hand.
  • When you move the hand from the selected area, the dispenser will automatically stop pouring the liquid.

This is how you can easily use the Foamatic soap dispenser. I don’t have to touch the Foamatic device. Children are safer in this way.

Is it Worth It?

If you ask me, is it worth buying or using the product? I would say of course this is worth buying or using on a regular basis. Here are listed some reasons why this dispenser is worth buying or using.

Is it Worth It

  • First of all, this is a budget-friendly device and once you buy it next you just need to refill the dispenser.
  • The device is noise-free so I don’t have to feel irritated while using it in front of anyone.
  • Foamatic uses the AAA battery which provides longer life for the product.
  • The device is sensor-based, so no one will touch which is safer than any other device.
  • Buying from the official site has a great advantage, I can get up to 50% discount on this particular product.
  • This product is water-resistant and the circuit board quality is good.

When I get so many facilities in just one device, why not buy it for my daily activities. Besides this device ensures safety and helps to prevent flu or other diseases. So, yes, this Foamatic is worth buying or using.

Foamatic Review: What Are Customers Saying About It?

After using this soap dispenser, I am fully satisfied. As I don’t have to press any button. Here I added some happy customer reviews. So that you will understand how useful this gadget is.

Foamatic Review: What Are Customers Saying About It

Where to Buy Foamatic?

Hand Wash is available in every single supermarket or in the online store. When it comes to buying the automated sensor hand wash device then I find only a few stores remain. To buy the Foamatic device I visit here. I get an almost 50% discount with so many satisfying offers.

FAQs for Foamatic Soap Dispenser

In this part of the article, I will provide more info about the Foamatic device. You can get answers to some questions about Foamatic devices.

Is it Required to Touch Any Part of Foamatic While Using It?

No, there is no need to touch the Foamatic device. This is completely an automated sensor device that helps you to maintain hygiene.

Does it Need to Be Charged?

No, there is no need to charge this device. Because this device fully runs on AA batteries. You just need to change or replace the batteries.

What Is the Life of the Foamatic?

The Foamatic device uses high materials in the components. This is why it provides a longer life. Also, when you will go to purchase the product, the manufacturer ensures three months of warranty.

How Much Power Does it Consume?

There is no exact measurement of power consumption while using the Foamatic device. But this device consumes very low power.

Final Verdict on Foamatic Review

The best part of this device is it activates when I close to its range. The range is 70mm around the device. Some other devices are over-sensitive that start working before I put my hand on the place. While using it I find that this is a noise-free device that will pivot around 50000 times.

Also, the speed is 7000rpm and that is the maximum speed. I find out that this device uses a silent motor. To maintain hygiene, it is necessary to wash hands. Regular soap or a traditional hand-washer may remove the germs but the processes are not appropriate. So, I choose this advanced technology sensor-based hand-washer to maintain my hygiene within a nanosecond. I hope this Foamatic Review of mine interested you to buy Foamatic.

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