Does Uv Light Whiten Teeth [Does It Really Work?]

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When people’s milk teeth start to appear, they are white, strong, and attractive. However, the teeth become discolored when people start consuming foods and get exposed to some chemicals.

Smoking, chewing, and drinking can impair the white color of the teeth. Lucky for you, there are teeth whitening methods, and one of them is UV light. Does UV light whiten teeth? Find out below so that you get the best idea when using your UV toothbrush sanitizer.

Does UV Light Whiten Teeth?

It works but not directly. The teeth whitening gel is made with a compound called hydrogen peroxide. This compound works to breakdown the colors on the teeth enamel making the discoloration to do away. Therefore, you acquire white teeth that you can confidently laugh and enjoy in front of the public.

Does Uv Light Whiten Teeth [Does It Really Work?]

UV light plays a role in breaking down this hydrogen peroxide to ensure that it works efficiently to eliminate unwanted colors from the teeth. There are teeth whitening lights that can make you achieve excellent white teeth. Does UV light whiten teeth? Yes, it does, and in fact, it takes very little time. 

How Long Do You Keep UV Light On Teeth?

It depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most of them recommend an average of 5 minutes per session to expose the teeth to a lot of light. The longer you keep it, the more the teeth become white, which means some top enamel material is also being taken away. Just follow the manufacturer recommendation, but you shouldn’t exceed more than five minutes because that would result in other side effects such as tooth sensitivity. 

UV Teeth Whitening and Safety Tips

The safety of teeth bleaching light is still debatable, but there are some ways you can do to make sure you enhance your teeth’ safety when using this light. 

  • Don’t keep the light too close because doing so can bleach even your skin. 
  • Bleach less frequently so that you don’t erode your teeth enamel 
  • Buy the light from a recommended manufacturer who is known to have good light. 
  • Keep in mind that you should be gentle when brushing your teeth after the light. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that most people ask when it comes to UV light for teeth. Here are some of the questions. 

Is Led Light Bad For Teeth?

It is not bad if used correctly. When used regularly, the teeth start becoming sensitive, making you feel a lot of pain when biting things. Don’t use the light on a daily basis because you may bring in teeth sensitivity. When you drink cold water, you will feel a lot of cold. 

Is It Bad to Whiten Your Teeth Every Day?

Yes, daily whitening of teeth is bad because it exposes your teeth to sensitivity. You may fail to even bite things because of sensitivity to things. Make use of the light twice or thrice per week so that you don’t erode the enamel of the teeth.  

Final Verdict

Does UV light whiten teeth? Yes, it does. It works by cleansing the surface of the enamel, thereby making you have excellent white teeth. You cannot use it frequently because it can erode the enamel and cause tooth sensitivity. When using the light, use optimum force to brush your teeth to remove the enamel and bring insensitivity.

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