Can UV Light Bulb Damage Eyes? (Eye Injuries Caused by UV)

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Most people pay attention to guarding their skin against UV damage. However, we forget about securing our eyes. Can UV light bulb damage eyes?  UV light is as harmful to the eyes as it affects your skin. The same way UV light damages tissues in bacteria, it affects tissue composition in our eyes. The retina is more prone to UV light damage.

Ultraviolet wavelength is not noticeable to the human eye, causing it to be more of a risk. The radiation is present in both sunny and cloudy weather. This is enough reason to always stay on guard for the safety of our eyes.

According to the Visual Council report in a study of 10,000 plus individuals, 34% of adults had experienced negative effects of exposure to UV rays. They had obvious symptoms such as swollen or red eyes, irritation, and failing eyesight.

What Effect Does UV Light Have On the Eyes?

Does UV light affect the eyes? Here are some short-term and long-term effects of UV light on the eyes.


Short-Term Effects

These effects are temporary, and you can feel the discomfort after the first day of being exposed to UV radiation.

Eye Irritation:

This is the mildest case of UV effect on your eyes, yet it is the most common among people.

Photo Keratitis:

It’s usually a sunburn on the surface of your eye. It occurs after being exposed to sunlight for prolonged hours or snow light reflection. A severe case can lead to temporary blindness. Whereas a mild condition leads to eye pain and blurry vision.


This is typically a bump protruding from the white part of your eye. A serious case can alter the shape of the cornea, which can cause shortsightedness. But common causes lead to itching, inflammation, and redness. Suppose the inflammation affects your vision; you might have to get surgery.

Long-term Effects


UV light damages the proteins making up your lens and causes cataracts. They manifest in the form of black spots, and once they develop, your doctor cannot stop them. By this time, attend constant eye checkups.

Your optician will prescribe suitable eyeglasses. If cataracts persist, replace your lens with an artificial model.

Macula degeneration:

This condition is affecting the older generation among Americans. There have been over 10 million cases. It completely impairs someone’s vision. The macula is at the center of the retina, and if they affect it, you gradually lose your central vision.

Can UV Light Bulb Damage Eyes?

Can UV light bulb damage eyes? Yes, they can. We expose ourselves to UV radiation from direct sunlight. There are three types of UV light:


  • UV- A- This has the longest wavelength, therefore, has more contact with humans. It gets past the ozone layer.
  • UV- B- It has a shorter wavelength than UVA. It is hard for it to reach us because the sun’s protective layer shields most of its rays from penetrating.
  • UV- C- It is the one with the shortest wavelength and is more harmful than the preceding radiation types. Since the ozone layer has trapped all of it, it cannot get to us. However, UV- C is present in artificial light sources such as lamps. Commonly, we find these lamps in UV shoe sanitizer and lighting.

If you wonder why designers use the most harmful UV rays in artificial lighting systems, it’s because of better light quality.

The eye absorbs UV radiation; the cornea and conjunctiva are responsible for this. From this, you can get Pterygium and photokeratitis for acute symptoms or long-term conditions.

When you are purchasing a UV lamp, understand the risks, and how to protect yourself. If you did not practice this, it’s about time you throw some caution to the wind. But there are potential ways to guard yourself against UV light damage. This is in the topic below.

How Do You Protect Your Eyes Against UV Light?

Wearing sunglasses is one of the best ways you can protect your eyes from UV light. Check the specifications of the sunglasses you should buy.


It’s not a secret that most of us get a pair of sunglasses because they liven our style. Most of the factors we consider are the color, size, shape, and other unrelated to eye health. Well, it’s about time you update your procedure when choosing sunglasses because of the important factors you should consider.

  • The lens should have a mild and even tint that you can see colors and light.
  • It should block over 99% of UV rays.
  • Choose a frame that covers the side of your eye.
  • Buy sunglasses that opticians have designed for different activities- hiking, sunbathing, skiing, and others.
  • Buy sunglasses from a known source. You need to ensure that ophthalmologists have approved their products.


Photochromatic Technology:

Some companies have created certain lenses strengthened with light technology. They automatically adapt to light and optimally protect you from 100% of UV rays.

Now that you know the proper way to protect your eyes, be sure to invest in your eye health.

Frequently Asked Questions

I believe there are a lot of things that you would like to know about UV light. Read these frequently asked questions on UV light bulbs.

Is it OK to look at UV light?

No. The more your eyes face the UV light, the higher the exposure to harm. Unless you have protective attire, don’t look at the sun directly.

How long does it take for a UV light bulb to damage your eyes?

Researchers have not established a specific time frame for which UV light can harm your eyes. Know the less the time, the better. You can use UV lamps safely for up to 8 hours.

Final Thoughts

I am sure that most of us do not prioritize our vision health until it fails us. You still have an option to be conscious of your eyes from now on. I hope you take action for those who did not know the adverse effects of UV radiation on your eyes.

All of you would agree that you love sunglasses. However, the intention is to look stylish instead of protecting your eyes. It’s such a relief knowing that you can prevent the long-term and short-term effects of UV radiation.

You should consider all options before purchasing sunglasses; frame, lenses, protection capability. At least you will be secure by applying all protective measures. I assume that this has answered your question, “can UV light bulb damage eyes?”. We have also offered you practical solutions.

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